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Dragonball Power Levels

Recorded power levels

These power levels come directly from the manga, anime, movie specials, and Daizenshu #7 ("SANGOKU"), unless stated otherwise. It should be noted that the Daizenshu numbers are sometimes questioned, despite the overall coherence with the original series. Akira Toriyama, the series creator, did not write the Daizenshu, but he was consulted for several sections by his production staff and approves of the overall product.

bardockThe Father of Goku

Bardock(while recovering): ≈10,000

Kakarot/Son Goku:: born with a power of 2




Dragon BallDaizenshu

Goku: 10 (from the Daizenshu)

Goku (Oozaru): 100 (from the Daizenshu)

Muten-Rôshi/Jackie Chun: 139 (from the Daizenshu)

Tenshinhan: 180 (from the Daizenshu)

Goku: 180 (from the Daizenshu)

Tsuru-Sen'nin: 120 (from the Daizenshu)

Goku (after drinking the Super Kami Water): 260 (from the Daizenshu)

Piccolo Daimaō (restored youth): 260 (from the Daizenshu)


Arrival of Goku's Brother

RadditzRadditz: Over 1,200 (1,500 from the Daizenshu)

Farmer with sawed-off shotgun: 5

Piccolo with weighted clothing: 322

Piccolo without weighted clothing: 408

Piccolo's Makankōsappō, first attempt: 1,330

Piccolo's Makankōsappō, second attempt: 1,485

Goku with weighted clothing: 334

Goku without weighted clothing: 416 Radditz

Goku (with Kamehameha): 924

Son Gohan: 1 - 710 - 1,307



After the Death of Raditz

UmigameMuten-Rôshi: 139

Krillin: 206

Yamcha: 177

Tienshinhan: 250

Piccolo with weighted clothing: 329

Umigame: 0.001 (from the anime)


Saiyan SagaDaizenshu

Chaozu fighting power maximum: 610 (from the Daizenshu)

Yamcha fighting power maximum: 1,480 (from the Daizenshu)

Tienshinhan fighting power maximum: 1,830 (from the Daizenshu)

Gohan before fighting: 981

Krillin before fighting: 1,083

Krillin fighting power maximum: 1,770 (from the Daizenshu)

Gohan when he fired Masenko: Over 2,800 (2,800 from the Daizenshu)

Piccolo before fighting: 1,220

Piccolo fighting power maximum: 3,500 (from the Daizenshu)

Saibaimen: Over 1,200 (1,200 from the anime and the Daizenshu)

Nappa: 4,000 (from the Daizenshu)

Goku before fighting: 5,000

Goku powered up (base): Over 8,000 (8,000 from the Daizenshu)

Goku Kaiō-ken (=x2): 16,000

Goku Kaiō-ken x3: 24,000 (deduced by calculation from the base power given in the manga)

Goku Kaiō-ken x4: 32,000 (from the Daizenshu)

Vegeta (base): 18,000

Vegeta (Oozaru): 180,000 (from the anime and calculation)


Namek Saga

KiwiKrillin's true power: About 1,500

Gohan's true power: About 1,500

Soldier-type Namek fighters: 1,000 (suppressed) - 3,000 (maximum)

Kiwi: 18,000

Vegeta: 24,000


Ginyu Saga

Krillin after Saichoro power up: Over 10,000 (13,000 from the Daizenshu)

Gohan after Saichoro power up: Over 10,000 (14,000 from the Daizenshu)

Vegeta: Over 20,000 (Close to 30,000 in the anime and 30,000 from the DaizenshuDaizenshu)

Goku suppressing his power: 5,000

Goku full power (base): "60,000-85,000" according to Captain Ginyu's underestimation in the Manga (90,000 from the Daizenshu)

Goku Kaiō-ken (=x2): 180,000

Captain Ginyu: 120,000

Ginyu in Goku's Body: <23,000 (slowly decreased as soon as Ginyu powered up to 23,000)

Nail: fighting power maximum: 42,000


Freeza Saga

Goku (base): 3,000,000 (from the Daizenshu)

Goku Kaiō-ken x10: 30,000,000 (deduced by calculation from the base power)

Goku Kaiō-ken x20: 60,000,000 (deduced by calculation from the base power)

Super Saiyan Goku: 150,000,000 (from the Daizenshu)

Freeza form 1: 530,000 Freeza

Freeza form 2: over 1,000,000

Freeza final form at 25%: 30,000,000 (deduced by calculation from the 100% power)

Freeza final form at 50%: 60,000,000 (from the Daizenshu)

Freeza final form at 75%: 90,000,000 (deduced by calculation from the 100% power)

Freeza at 100%: 120,000,000 (from the Daizenshu)



Trunks Saga

Future Trunks (power suppressed): 5

Super Saiyan Trunks: 150,000,000




In addition to the above numbers, two of the films presented power levels. It should be noted that these films are not a part of the Dragon Ball timeline, and these numbers were for purposes of making the films flow.


The Tree of Might

TurlesGohan: 10,000

Gohan (Oozaru): 100,000 (deduced by calculation from the base power given)

Piccolo: 18,000

Goku: 30,000

Goku Kaiō-ken (=x2): 60,000 (deduced bycalculation from the base power given)

Goku Kaiō-ken x 10: 300,000 (deduced by calculation from the base power given)



Brolly: The Legendary Super Saiyan

Goku: born with a power level of 2

Brolly born with a fighting power of 10,000





Information was modified and is free for distribution under the GNU Free Documentation License.



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