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Why can't I download?

Can I get linked on your website?

How do I make music videos?

Can I use your files on my website?

How come I can't play your movies?

I still cannot play your movies and I have realplayer.

Can I link to files on your website?



Q:  Why can't I download?

A:  Sometimes files go down on this website. It can be difficult to maintain the accuracy of all media file links. Please be patient, if I havent gotten to the problem in 10 days or so, feel free to e-mail me about it.

Q:  Can I get linked on your website?

A:  If you want to get linked, you first need to link to my website on yours, then send me an e-mail and inform me of that. I will then proceed to view your website and find out if it is worth linking to. If you don't hear back from me in 30 days then I won't be linking you.

Q:  How do you make music videos?

A:  I use many  programs in the process of making my music videos. But two specific programs to use in Music Video production Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere.

Q:  Can I use your files on my website?

A:  You certainly can. Just e-mail me (try to include a subject title with something like "request to use" or something so I am sure to read it) and ask, also please remember to include your URL (your website address) because I keep track of people who borrow stuff. Finally, I would appreciate a link but it's not "required".

Q:  How come I can not play your movies?

A:  There are two primary video files on this website, streaming videos such as those you see on Youtube, and much older real-media files. If my streaming files are not working, please e-mail me. For the real-media files, make sure you "unzipped" the files with a program like Winzip then you need Realplayer to play many of them. 

Q:  I still can not play your movies and I have realplayer?

A:  Some older versions of RealPlayer will not play some of my music videos. 

Q:  Can I link to files on your website?

A:  Please do not link directly to files on my website. However, you may upload them to your own website.